Windows Server 2022 Remote Desktop Services CAL

Windows Server 2022 Remote Desktop Service - is the capability of Windows server 2022 to provide connectivity to end users to be able to access Windows desktops and applications remotely including delivering individual virtualized applications, providing secure mobile and remote desktop access, and providing end users the ability to run their applications and desktops from the cloud. Remote Desktop Services 2022 has numerous advantages compared to the previous version. Easier management of access licenses is of great importance. Windows Server 2022 Remote Desktop Services (RDS) also characterized by forward compatibility. So you can continue to use this program even if a new version of the Windows server should appear. There are two type of Remote Desktop Services Cal:

Windows Server 2022 Remote Desktop Services CAL
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DEVICE CAL: Listed for 50 or 100 Device Access License for your Windows Server 2022 Remote Desktop Environment.

USER CAL: Listed for 50 or 100 User Access License for your Windows Server 2022 Remote Desktop Environment

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Deploy A Remote Desktop environment in Windows Server 2022

Use the following steps to deploy the Remote Desktop servers in your environment. You can install the server roles on physical machines or virtual machines, depending on whether you are creating an on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid environment. If you are using virtual machines for any of the Remote Desktop Services servers, make sure you have prepared those virtual machines.

You've now created a basic Remote Desktop Services infrastructure. If you need to create a highly-available deployment, you can add a connection broker cluster or a second RD Session Host server.

Install RDS CAL on the Remote Desktop License server

Use the following instructions to install RDS CAL on Your license server. Once the CALs are installed, the license server will issue them to users as appropriate.

Note: You need Internet connectivity on the computer running Remote Desktop Licensing Manager but not on the computer running the license server.

Click Finish, to complete installation of the licenses. Now the license server can issue RDS CAL to clients that connect to a Remote Desktop Services deployment.

Verify connectivity on Remote Desktop Licensing Manager

To verify the functionality of the deployment, use Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) to connect to the remote host. The use of the license will be verified on the Remote Desktop license server.

Remote Desktop Integration and Deployment Documentation:

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