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Windows Server 2019: iis the cloud-ready operating system from Microsoft and it builds on the strong foundation of Windows Server 2016. It bridges on-premises environments with Azure services, enabling hybrid scenarios that maximize existing investments. Windows Server 2019 comes packed with new features and capabilities to enhance your organization's security, virtualization, and scalability. With new layers of protection, improved virtualization, and enhanced support for hybrid cloud scenarios. Windows Server 2019 also includes several enhancements to Remote Desktop Services (RDS), which enables users to access Windows-based applications and desktops from anywhere, on any device. It has the improved support for hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). Hyper-convergence is a software-defined approach to combining computing, storage, and networking resources into a single, tightly integrated system. Windows Server 2019 offers improved performance and scalability for HCI deployments, with features such as deduplication and compression for storage, and faster networking with the integration of Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) over Converged Ethernet (RoCEv2). Windows Server 2019 also introduces enhanced integration with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing platform. This allows for seamless integration of on-premises servers with Azure services, such as Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery, and Azure File Sync, providing organizations with greater flexibility and scalability in their hybrid cloud deployments.

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Windows Server 2019 has three editions as their names imply, they are designed for organizations of different sizes, and with different virtualization and datacenter requirements. Windows Server 2019 Essentials perfectly suits the needs of a small infrastructure, while the Datacenter edition provides the widest range of functions among all the other server operating systems from Microsoft. 

Windows Server 2019 has the following new features:

System requirements

The following are estimated system requirements Windows Server 2019. If your computer has less than the "minimum" requirements, you will not be able to install this product correctly. Actual requirements will vary based on your system configuration and the applications and features you install.

Processor requirements:

Disk Space:

For Core installation, a minimum Disk Space of 32 GB is required. Additional 4 GB is necessary for GUI installation.

Disk Space Capacity Planning:

Microsoft Support recommends the following:

Disk Controller:

RAM (Random Access memory) Requirements:

Optional System Requirements Features:

Network Requirements:

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