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Windows 10 - is more than just an OS. It is an entirely new version of the veteran Windows operating system: A version that is make-or-break for Microsoft. It was released on July 29 in seven versions, which I'll tell you a lot more about below, as well as give you tech radar's complete verdict on all aspects of the new operating system (OS). Microsoft believes the future of Windows is as a platform for all. Like Android, the strength of Windows is in the thousands of companies that develop for it (see the section about Universal apps for more on the relationship with developers) and use it in their products. The goal of Windows 10 is to deliver new features when they’re ready, as a free update, rather than saving them for a major release that might be years away. In fact, the very concept of a major release goes away—or at least recedes into the distant background—with Windows 10. Get fast start-ups, a familiar yet expanded Start menu, and great new ways to get stuff done even across multiple devices. You’ll also love the innovative features like an all-new browser built for online action, plus Cortana, the personal digital assistant who helps you across your day. Windows 10 is not compatible with Windows Vista

Six reasons for Windows 10 on your desktop operating system: 

                • Safer and more secure
                • Familiar from the start
                • More personal and productive
                • Innovative experiences and devices
                • Cortana - Your truly personal digital assistant.
                • Continuum - A powerhouse of productivity in your pocket.
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Release TypeLatest version  (May,  2020)
License TypeFull Version - Retail (Digital) License
Build Number2004
Product NameWindows 10 - Purchased Edition
Delivery MethodOnline delivery (email)
Language(s)English - for different language message us
Media Format
ISO file (DVD image) - Direct download from Microsoft     
Bit Version32-bit & 64-bit both included
Released 4/18/2019
What is Windows N Edition

Microsoft was required to create the "N" editions of Windows after the European Commission ruled in 2004 that it needed to provide a copy of Windows without Windows Media Player tied in. The costs of the N Editions are the same as the full versions, as the "Media Feature Pack" can be downloaded without charge from Microsoft.

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    Delivery time and Product type
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    Installation AND USE RIGHTS
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    a. One Copy per Computer. You may install one copy of the software on one computer. That computer is the “licensed computer.”
    b. Licensed Computer. You may use the software on up to two processors on the licensed computer at one time. Unless otherwise provided in these license terms, you may not use the software on any other computer.
    c. Number of Users. Unless otherwise provided in these license terms, only one user may use the software at a time.
    d. Alternative Versions. The software may include more than one version, such as 32-bit and 64-bit. You may install and use only one version at one time.