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Windows Server 2022: is the newest version of Microsoft's cloud-ready network operating system. Released on August 18th, 2021, it builds on the capabilities of its predecessor, Windows Server 2019, introducing several new enhancements to modernize IT infrastructure and operations. One of the most significant features of Windows Server 2022 is its enhanced security, with new layers of protection that provide robust protection against cybersecurity threats. It also supports compliance with regulatory standards such as HIPAA and GDPR, making it an ideal choice for organizations that need to meet industry-specific requirements. In addition, Windows Server 2022 offers improved virtualization capabilities, enhanced support for hybrid cloud scenarios, and better performance and scalability. Its design ensures a consistent experience across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments, providing the best of both worlds by allowing organizations to benefit from the cloud while maintaining control over their data and infrastructure. Another major advantage of Windows Server 2022 is its default enabled HTTPS and TLS 1.3, which protects data in client-server communication, and the capability to serve DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH), which encrypts DNS queries using the HTTPS protocol. These features make it a reliable and secure network operating system that helps organizations streamline their operations and improve their security.

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Windows Server 2022 comes with new security capabilities and combine other security capabilities in Windows Server across multiple areas to provide defense-in-depth protection against advanced threats. Advanced multi-layer security in Windows Server 2022 provides the comprehensive protection that servers need today.

Active Directory Domain Services hosts and authenticates billions of on-premises user identities across millions of customers to securely manage identity and protect your business. Active Directory Domain Services hosts and authenticates billions of on-premises user identities across millions of customers to securely manage identity and protect your business.

Windows Server File Servers host billions of files across million of customers for storage and retrieval of files with built-in scale. Security, quotas, backup, replication, and recovery are all built into the operating system.

Windows Server hosts millions of apps, from simple IIS web apps to complex apps like SharePoint, Exchange, database, and 3rd party products with integrated security, high availability, and replication across servers and clusters.

Hosts virtual machines on Hyper-V through Windows Server containers, Linux containers, and Kubernetes clusters with integration into native Azure services. It is providing on-premises DNS and DHCP services for millions of customers

Windows Server 2022 available on three editions, based on an organization size & virtualization requirements:

Pricing and licensing - Windows Server 2022

Understanding of core Licensing: Windows Server 2022 requires core license, the number of core licenses required equals the number of physical cores on the licensed server, subject to a minimum of 8 core licenses per physical processor and a minimum of 16 core licenses per server for Windows Server Standard or Datacenter edition. Core licenses are sold in 2-packs and 16-packs. For complete details on server core licensing, Please refer to Windows Server Product Terms. Minimum License Requirements for Standard & Datacenter edition:

The following page is intended to provide you with reference pricing for Windows Server 2022. For specific pricing, please check our listing or Microsoft Partner/Reseller.

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Pricing and licensing Of Windows Server 2022

Recommended System requirements

The following are estimated system requirements Windows Server 2022. If your computer has less than the minimum requirements, you will not be able to install this product correctly. Actual requirements will vary based on your system configuration and the applications and features you install. Unless otherwise specified, these minimum system requirements apply to all installation options (Server Core, Server with Desktop Experience, and Nano Server) and both Standard and Datacenter editions. 

Processor requirements:

Disk Space:

For Core installation, a minimum Disk Space of 32 GB is required. Additional 4 GB is necessary for GUI installation.

Disk Space Capacity Planning:

Microsoft Support recommends the following:

Disk Controller:

RAM (Random Access memory) Requirements:

Optional System Requirements Features:

Network Requirements:

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