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Remote Desktop Services enables users to access session-based desktops, virtual machine-based desktops, or applications in the data center from both within a corporate network and from the Internet. Remote Desktop Services helps to securely connect remote users from managed or unmanaged devices.

What's New in Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2016:

The following features have been added to Remote Desktop as part of Windows Server 2016. Most items include a link for more information - be sure to check out those links. After you install the latest version of Windows Server 2016 and have had a chance to try out some of these great new features, drop by the Remote Desktop Service user voice forum to let us know what you think.

There are two types of Remote Desktop Service CALs:

  • RDS Per User CALs
  • RDS Per Device CALs

The following table outlines the differences between the two types of CALs:

Per Device Per User
CALs are physically assigned to each device. CALs are assigned to a user in Active Directory.
CALs are tracked and enforced by the license server. CALs are tracked but not enforced by the license server.
CALs can be tracked regardless of Active Directory membership. CALs cannot be tracked within a workgroup.
You can revoke up to 20% of CALs. You cannot revoke any CALs.
Temporary CALs are valid for 52-89 days. Temporary CALs are not available.
CALs cannot be overallocated. CALs can be overallocated (in breach of the Remote Desktop licensing agreement).

Personal session desktops: 

Administrators can now deploy server-based personal desktops in Windows Server 2016. With personal session desktops, each user gets an assigned RD Session Host (RDSH) VM - the admin can optionally enable administrative rights for users. See Introducing Personal Session Desktops by Clark Nicholson for more information.

Ten reasons you’ll love Windows Server 2016 #4: Remote Desktop Services
rds device user cal for windows server 2016

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